General Conditions
The Client, when reserving in Apart Inkari Hotel, declares to be informed about the following terms and conditions exposed here. As well as that, accepts unconditionally every point detailed here. It is absolutely forbidden to modify, restrict or change the terms of this contract by not authorized third-parties.
Conditions for reservation

Every reservation request will be replied via e-mail showing : Reservation code, amount to be paid, payment deadline or reconfirmation of each of them

Every communication (reservation request, confirmation, modification or nullification) must have a reply written to our agreement, otherwise it will not be valid.
Reservations are not endorsable, and will be accepted according to the availability of rooms in the hotel,
Attention hours Department of reservations :Monday to Friday 08:00 to 18:00 pm and Saturdays from 09:00 to 13:00 horas.

About the payment procedure

Payment by deposit or transference

In case you wish to pay by deposit or interbank transfer in dollars or peruvian currency, it will have to be done through Banco de Crédito del Perú BCP to the following bank accounts mentioned here.a las cuentas bancarias mencionadas a continuación:
In case the deposit is done from an account outside Lima (in Peru or internationally), an additional bank charge will be added to the final fee, depending on the city where the deposit was done
In case you want to pay by cash, you can do it by going to the Hotel Reception by indicating the reservation code and presenting a confirmation and complete payment print of the reservation.
All fees are net, they don’t include an additional charge for services (10%) and taxes charge ( IGV) according to DL 919. The charge for services will only be added in final step of the reservation and the IGV will only be applied if required. All of these additional fees will be paid in the hotel front desk. Only packages and offers fees include taxes (18%) and services charges (10%)
Fees are meant to be per night, not per passenger

Penalties and refunds
Every reservation can be reconfirmed in a lapse of 24 hours before Check-in, by submitting the final Rooming List and is subject to availability. In case al the measures above are not followed, the reservation will be cancelled without previous notice The reservation can be cancelled up to 48 hours in advance before the Check-In without additional charges. Outside of this term, the client will be charged the total amount of the whole reservation Every cancellation has to be sent in a written format to the Department of reservations in agreement from both sides. Also, it has to be replied in a written format by the same department, otherwise it will not be valid. The company reserves the right to cancel or modify any reservation in a case which shows any illegal activity by the client. In case of not celebrating a show, the complete amount of the reservation fee will be charged with no option to balance in favour. In case of error or duplicating a reservation by accident by the client, the Hotel does not take any responsibility for the act and will charge according to the reservation policy. In cases of group reservation, more than 5 rooms, Inkari Hotels reserve the right to apply policies and special terms Inkari Hotel does not apply liberation policies In none of this cases a refund of a deposited amount can not be possible. . Reduction of the length of stay can be requested up to 48 hours in advance before Check-in, it will not be charged any fee, and it will remain as positive balance for your next stay with an active time of three months (90 days calendar) after the Check-In (subject to availability in every hotel). Outside of this term, there will be no positive balance, being charged completely.
The clients will have to present their Identification Document in the Check-In process, otherwise entrance will not be allowed and the reservation will be cancelled without refund or any positive balance. For the IGV Exoneration, it is essential to present : Passport/Foreign Card and Tarjeta Andina de Migración (TAM) which is given to you when arriving at the local airport. In case the client is peruvian , or comes from another country and has no TAM, IGV fee (18%) will be charged to the final reservation fee. Entrance of underage people will have to be accompanied with their parents. In case they are not present, the companion responsible for the underage person will have to present a authorization letter signed by both parents with copies of Identification Identities of both parents

Entering with foods or drinks is forbidden, except of any medical restriction.
Check-in : 13:00 pm.
Check-out : 12:00 pm
Early Check-in charges 50 % of the established fee and is subject to availability of the hotel
Applies from 07:00 am to 1:59 pm. If entering before 07:00 a.m is needed, it will count as an additional night
Late Check-out charges 50 % of the established fee per hour y and is subject to availability of the hotel Applies from 12:01 pm to 6:00 pm. If you need to stay after 6:00 pm, it will count as one additional night
Every request for Early Check-in or Late Check-out must be sent via email at
reservas.apart@hotelesinkari.com or directly in the hotel
The Day Use fee belongs to the charged amount of the whole night, according to the current rate Hours :10:00 a 18:00 pm ( Subject to availability in the country)
It is essential to present a Credit Card to do the Check-In process to guarantee the accommodation and extras during the stay. This credit card will be pre authorized.

Children and additional beds policy
It is allowed that one child (less than 5 years old) shares one room with 2 adults without extra cost. The child’s breakfast is not included in the price and the fee is 18 soles. For children older than 6 years old, they will count for an additional fee to share a room with two parents for an additional bed (includes breakfast) Maximum 01 child / 01 bed per room The extra bed will have a charge of 70 soles in accommodation. It has to be requested at reservas@hotelesinkari.com or directly in the hotel.
Conditions for stay at the hotel
No pets or animals are allowed to enter the hotel, except in the cases of duty certified service animals. In that case, there will be coordination with the hotel before arrival. It is forbidden to smoke in the rooms.Under a penalty of US$ 200 per night, during the length of stay All Inkari hotels offer free parking inside the hotel facilities, but there are no guaranteed spots for any client (subject to availability according to arrival) If there is availability, there are no extra charges. Inkari Hotel is not responsible for the loss of money, jewelry or other belongings left in the room. It is suggested to store them in the safe boxes and keep the doors closed All forgotten belongings of the client will be under custody for 60 days calendar.. After this term, it will be donated to charity organizations.. Room entrance for unregistered people is forbidden. In case you wish to consume alcoholic drinks acquired outside the hotel, there will be a special fee. Having and consuming drugs inside hotel is forbidden las instalaciones del hotel. If you wish to stay longer, it is suggested to ask the Hotel reception with at least 8 hours in advance before Check-out. (sujeto a disponibilidad del hotel).
Pick-up Service/Airport travel: Flight information, such as airline, flight number, city of origin day and hour of arrival to Lima city should be given beforehand. Fee starting at USD $ 30.00 per service Food Service : It is recommended to send all chosen option with up 24 hours in advance before check-in. Laundry service : Monday to Sunday till 10:00 am for clothes shipping on the same day. Fee may depend on the type of clothes. Business center: Free for all guests 24 hours. With high-internet connection, scanning and document copying with an extra charge Relax Area : Temperate Pool , sauna (steam room and drying room), professional gym and games room are just a few of the facilities Inkari offers to every guest.