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The Love Park  is one of the parks in Lima with the most visits by tourists and locals, due to its history and the spectacular view of the sea. Inaugurated in honor of Valentine’s Day, the Love Park is known as such a product of the lovers’ habit of enjoying the sunset from there.

Lima’s parks are characterized by their greenery, especially in Miraflores, this park being one of the must-see places on your visit to the city.

What to do in the Love Park?

Enjoy the spectacular view that the Parque del Amor offers towards the Pacific Ocean, sitting on some benches with ceramic mosaics of various colors with various messages. The park welcomes you with a flower garden in the shape of hearts. Although the park is not very large, it does have places to sit and enjoy the sea views.

In the center of the Parque del Amor there is a sculpture called “the kiss” made by the artist Victor Delfín. Two people kiss each other, being the main icon of the place. Many photographs are associated with the Miraflores piers with the Parque del Amor, and the place is truly photographic so prepare your camera to have your memories from there. Miraflores is one of the safest districts in Lima and is preferred by tourists, so you can easily enjoy your visit in the park.

The sculpture represents two young lovers, reclining kissing, it has a dimension of 12 meters long by 3 meters high. The place chosen for the location of the park was next to the Villena Rey bridge, a place frequented by couples in love to appreciate the sunset. Many newly married couples, bouquet in hand, come to the park to seal their wedding ceremony with a kiss.

On February 14, “Valentine’s Day” or “Valentine’s Day”, there is a massive attendance, in addition to the “Longest Kiss” contest among the attending couples. The park is bordered by an undulating wall, where you can read romantic phrases from the best known Peruvian poets, phrases like:

I undress you like someone peeling a fruit

Jorge Díaz Herrera

To you as the light of the world to the windows

Juan Gonzalo Rose

We are a little shadow of what we were

Oscar Valdivia

Love is just a bird that wanders

Rocío Romina Bances

My dream is a lost island

Alberto Vega

Sing love undress

Rodolfo Hinostroza

You are above the infinite sea

Augusto Tamayo Vargas

Great love, love the sea

Jorge Eduardo Eielson

I burn to not see the empty place of your body

Slim Washington

Also loving us we will know the pain

Abelardo Sánchez León

My memory is stronger than your forgetfulness

Source: Viajando a Lima

Source: Miraflores Perú