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Today in #TurismoEnCasa we bring you a brief overview of the Huaca Pucllana, antiquity and history in the midst of the modernism and avant-garde of Miraflores. It is an archaeological zone and one of the main natural attractions of Lima.

In this tourist attraction you will have the opportunity to discover ruins of the culture of Lima with 1500 years old, the facilities also have an exhibition hall and a restaurant that offers from the traditional Peruvian suck to dishes with seafood and lomo saltado. The largest building in Pucllana, 500 meters long, more than 100 meters wide and 22 meters high, is a massive truncated pyramid, built entirely on the basis of earth fillings and small adobe bricks. In addition, the site is surrounded by a set of smaller, but equally notable environments: rooms, passageways, patios and ramps; usually finely finished with clay plasters and, in some cases, with traces of yellow paint.

The monumentality of this construction is evident when, when climbing to its top, it is possible to see the sea and the buildings that surround it from above. It is deduced that the purpose of the huaca must have been the administration of the cult and of the goods that abounded in the valley.

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Source: Ministerio de Cultura